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This guide will walk you through the process of creating a mass email in eWinery and provide best practice tips so you actively engage with your customer in a way that is beneficial for you and your winery.

If you know how to create a mass email and would like to focus on the best practices, please follow these links:

Email Header Subject Lines Before you click 'Send'
Email Footer Email Content  


Create an Email Template

1) In the eWinery admin panel, click on the Members icon in the main menu. 

2) In the menu bar, scroll over Email Documents and select 'Customer Email'.

3) The Customer Email window will pop-up. Insert your header and footer message.

Email Header

A email header is the area at the top of the email that displays a general image, logo, or message. It will be used at the top of every email you send out.

Best Practice:

  • Include 1 image or line of text that displays your winery's logo and is relevant to your email subject and content.
  • It's entirely optional to add anything in the header. Let your email body speak for itself and keep this area blank (cutting down on some images - see Email Content).


Email Footer

A email footer is the area at the bottom of the email that displays a general image, logo, or message. It will be used at the bottom of every email you send out.

Best Practice:

  • Let your audience know where your business is located. Your footer message should include your valid physical postal address. This can include your street address or a post office box you've registered. 
  • Always include a simple way to unsubscribe from your emails, like an unsubscribe button or link. It's required by law (the CAN-SPAM Act) that all mass emails tell recipients how to opt out of future emails.
  • Honor your opt-out requests promptly. The CAN-SPAM Act states that you are required to honor an opt-out request in 10 business days and should only send the requester a confirmation message that he/she unsubscribed. To learn more, please visit CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.

Tip: Ensuring Unsubscribers are excluded from email lists by utilizing the Excludes tab in Listbuilder is a great way to comply with opt-out requests. For more information, please visit eWinery ListBuilder page.

4) Click the 'Save' button.

5) Navigate back to the main menu. Scroll over Email Documents in the menu bar and select 'Email Documents'.

6) Click the 'Add An Email Document' button.

7) The Email Documents window will pop-up. Enter the subject for the email in the subject line.

Subject Lines

The subject emphasizes the general topic of the email and can entice your audience to open your email and read more. However, it also reveals your communication style and professionalism to your customers. It's always wise to use subject lines that are relevant and briefly explain the content of your message, not something flashy you think will grab the reader's attention.

Best Practice:  

  • Write short, witty relevant subject lines. Three to six words is usually the best - you don't need to write a whole sentence.
  • Don't use ALL capital letters in the subject lines. Subject lines written in all uppercase will alert spam filters and your readers are likely ignore your message, considering it annoying and unprofessional.
  • Don’t use multiple exclamation points or symbols. Multiple exclamation points or dollar signs look unprofessional and sloppy, and are likely to trigger spam filters. It is not necessary to add punctuation at the end of a subject line.
  • Stay away from spam trigger words. Words like "free" or "best price" have been blacklisted due to their association with spam emails. Review this list to find the most common spam trigger words and avoid them. 


8) Enter any content for the body of your email.


Email Content

The email body contains all the content (text, images, links) that you want to express to your customers. The email body should have a unique message that is relevant to your subject line and tailored for each individual email.

Best Practice:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Your readers lead busy lives and typically don't spend more than 20 seconds glancing at an email. Make sure your main message is front and center! Long winded messages are also more likely to alert spam filters.
  • Call out the action. Want your readers to be more involved with your emails and really follow your message? Include clickable links that direct your customers to information you want them to see, like products you really want to show off or your website.
  • Stay away from multiple fonts and bright colors. Readers pay a LOT of attention to colors and fonts, so use them sparingly to emphasize important parts of your email, not muddle your message. Keep your emails on brand and professional by choosing 1-2 colors and 1 font that reflect your winery.
  • Cut down on your images. Images can be tricky and don't display the same way depending on your ISP (try opening an email in Outlook vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo). Use just 1-2 images per email and make sure they are displaying correctly.

9) Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page. 

Before you click 'Send'...

  • Proofread your message. The best way to make sure your email sounds professional is double and triple-check for incorrect spelling and grammar. Take the extra time to look over your email before you hit the send button - you'll be thankful!
  • Test your email. If you really want to know what your email is going to look like, take advantage of the Preview button in eWinery, or send your complete email to the address provided by Mail Tester. Mail Tester will check if your email message registers as spam, which gives you the opportunity to tweak it before it reaches your customers. 


Send a Mass Email

10) Navigate back to the main menu. Click on Send Mass Email.

11) The Mass Email window will pop-up. Select the email template you created in Email Documents.


12) Check the bottom checkbox to enable lists, and select the list of recipients for your email. You can look at these lists and the recipients on the ListBuilder page. To learn more about ListBuilder, please visit the eWinery ListBuilder page. 

Note: Check the top checkbox to enable addresses, and then you can manually enter individual email addresses (separated by a comma).

13) Verify all fields.

14) Click the 'Send Email' button at the bottom of the page.



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