Member Maintenance

What is Member Maintenance?

Member Maintenance was designed to help you locate members with identical information (like the same name or email address) and evaluate if those members are distinct customers or repeat entries that should be merged.


Search Member Maintenance

1) In the vinSUITE admin panel, expand the 'Members' section in the left hand navigation, then click 'Member Maintenance' from the sub menu.


2) From the Member Maintenance screen, select an option from the Member Search to find duplicate member information based on:

  • Email Address: Identifies multiple users with the same email address.
  • Name: Identifies multiple users with the same billing first and last name.
  • Name and Address: Identifies multiple users with the same first and last name and first line of their address.
  • Name and Phone Number: Identifies multiple users with the same first and last name and phone number.


3) Click the 'Search' button.

4) A list of duplicate member records, according to your search filter, will appear.

Note: The process that identifies duplicates runs on a nightly basis. Any new members or member records that have been updated will not flow into Member Maintenance until the following day.



Merge Records

5) Once you've identified a duplicate, click the 'Merge' button Merge_Button.jpg for the selected member.


6) In the Duplicate Members pop-up, you will be shown all of the applicable member records with multiple entries.

Note: Member Records appear in the order they were added to the system. The oldest or first Member Record shown is automatically selected as the Primary Member Record.


7) Select the 'Primary' entry with the most updated information. Information will be merged into the 'Primary' member record.


The following information is merged into the 'Primary' record:
  • Addresses (if different than addresses already on file)
  • Credit Cards (the primary account will keep the primary card. Others will go into the Wallet).
  • Member Types
  • Club Memberships
  • Order History
  • Allocation Information
  • Notes
The following information is NOT merged and the 'Primary' account information is maintained:
  • Preferences


8) Select the applicable merge option for each duplicate member entry.



Select this option if you would like to merge this member record into the 'Primary' record.

Note: This option is selected for all members by default.

NO: Select this option if you do NOT want to merge a specific member record.

Select this option if you do NOT want to merge specific member record and would like to exclude this member record from all future searches.

Note: You would select this option if you know that it is the member’s intention to have multiple separate member records, regardless of duplicate information.


9) Once you have selected the member records you want to merge, click the "Save & Apply" button to consolidate the data from each member record selected into the new primary member record.

10) You will be asked to confirm your selection before the merge is performed. You can click 'OK' to proceed with the merge, or you can select 'Cancel' to disregard your changes.

Note:This is your last chance to cancel or change the selections. If you are not sure that the merge should be performed, please click 'Cancel', as this merge is permanent and cannot be undone.


11) After you click the 'Confirm' button, the records will be merged and you will be shown the results of your merge.


12) When you return to the search results, the newly merged records will have disappeared from the list of duplicates IF you merged all applicable duplicates.


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